How much do the rights to grease cost

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How much do the rights to grease cost

How much do the rights to grease cost

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PLEASE BE ADVISED: Grease is a premier, high royalty title that requires further licensing representative will be in contact with you directly to determine pricing. . to working more with the great titles avalible for rights from Samuel French!. I'm kind of shocked that Samuel French is being so stubborn, I would assume thousands of . Unfortunately, Samuel French owns the licensing rights to both. We asked our parent booster club to help with the initial cost on Grease. . In it's place I would highly recommend Happy Days, much better show. Notice to all UK & ROI producers of the musical Grease: All of the songs as included in the musical Grease are provided and authorized by TRW for your.

  • The rights to a musical may not be available if it is currently playing on Broadway or touring, if original music copyrights prohibit licensing as with many jukebox musicals , or if a motion picture version is currently in the works. Use the tabs to search Broadway musicals alphabetically or scroll down to browse by show type or cast size. To purchase the rights to produce a musical, apply through the licensing company.

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Do I need a license?

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How much do the rights to grease cost

How much do the rights to grease cost

How much do the rights to grease cost


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Grease School Edition Royalty INSANITY!

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We use cookies on this site to enhance your user experience. By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent for us to set cookies. I was wondering if all the other items you had to do and the cost outweighed the actual doing of the show. We just produced Grease and, yes, it is expensive butSamuel French states that up front. . One thing we did is obtained the rights for the songs from the movie and . I'm curious how much it's going to cost now. if and where one can get the rights for Grease for school productions? It's an expensive show and not one I even like that much but the kids. The rights to a musical may not be available if it is currently playing on Broadway or touring, if original music copyrights prohibit licensing (as with many jukebox. 'Grease' Licensing Question (Message Board) When any company is doing Grease, say a high school or community theatre, how many versions are They must be purchased from their rights holders for a rather large sum. “They need to get as many kids into a show as possible,” said Abbie Van French is $75 per performance, but “premium plays” cost more. Depending on the play, rights to perform may be granted by the author, their agent or a performance rights How much does it cost to licence a play or musical?. How much do the rights to grease cost

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How much do the rights to grease cost

How much do the rights to grease cost

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